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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Garden Journal Jar


Hope you like my Journal Jar.This one is for a Garden but there are lots of ideas for different jars depending on how you decorate them.

I made this one with the idea that you would give it as a present to perhaps someone who cherishes memories but is not into scrap booking.

They are inexpensive to make and would make a different kind of Christmas Present, perhaps with some seed packets inside for the keen gardener.

It was very easy to decorate the jar, I think making the suggestion list took the longest time. So I thought I might list my ideas here to give you some ideas. I printed mine out on the PC and then added them to the tag of course you could hand write the list.
  • A photo of each season in your garden
  • Record your happiest days relaxing or working in your garden
  • A list of plants you grew that year
  • Sounds in your garden
  • The smells of your garden
  • Write about your favourite plants
  • Record the first and last day you cut the grass
  • Get friends to record a visit to your garden
  • Photos of you, your friends and family in the garden
  • Visitors to your garden, birds, insects and animals.
  • Plans for next year.
If you have a great number of photos perhaps a memory stick might be an easy way to add them to your jar.

Happy Crafting

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